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At Smart talent group we are extremely passionate about recruitment and building long term relationships with employers. Our dedication, experience and extensive database allows us to find great talent for specific roles with the intention of them becoming a valued asset to that business.

We have strongly adopted the principle of quality over quantity, and thus invest the time to understand the business’ needs above and beyond the scope of the hiring position. In doing so we are better equipped to only presenting candidates that we believe will be the ‘right fit’,

Alongside informed recruiters, we have adopted the use of the latest HR assessment tools, which allows our team and employers further insight into pre-qualified candidates so that an informed and confident hiring decision can be made.

We understand the considerable time and risk associated with hiring, so we work very closely with employers for every position to provide the highest level of service each and every time.

Why Choose Us

Smart Talent Group works with Hiring Managers to truly understand and partner through foreseeing obstacles they face in the recruitment process and deliver smarter talent acquisition strategies to employers through:

Extensive Talent Database

Innovative Talent Search Campaigns

Social Media Recruitment

Assessment & Shortlisting Solutions

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Channel Partners

Smart Talent Group has strong experience working with an extensive array of businesses, ranging from boutique businesses to mid-tier firms and global organizations across a wide and diverse range of industries. 

To be able to offer our clients a comprehensive service with solutions that can enhance  their hiring cycle while making more informed hires. We have partnered with GPI and Curious Thing.

Curious Things Logo

Curious Things

Curious Thing (CT) is a multi-award-winning AI Voice Interviewer technology founded in Sydney and available globally. The screening interview solution is used across organisations in top-of-funnel interviewing for high-volume hiring of roles across contact centres, graduate programs, retail, banking, industrial, commercial, casual staffing solutions, RPOs and MSPs e.g. 2500 candidate interviews conducted across 3 days at the end of which the results are accessible on a state of the art analytics dashboard for easy shortlisting.

The CT AI screening interview is an on-demand interactive behavioural interview conducted via a simple on-demand phone call. With a highly customised interview and candidate experience, CT screening is known to deliver top candidates quickly while automating and endlessly scaling the screening interviews in any recruitment process while reducing the recruiter bias.

Great People Inside

Great People Inside

In today’s world we have become accustomed to choice, however the technology offered by most people solutions organisations continue to adopt a one size fits all approach. With GR8PI technology this is not the case. We are proud to offer GR8PI (Great People Inside) – the world’s first fully customisable assessment platform. This cloud-based technology and user experience is next generation state of the art, empowering you for the complete employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition and onboarding, talent growth and development, to employee assessment and performance management.

Hiring is equal parts science and art. GR8PI provide the data you need for selecting and recruiting the right candidate. Through extensive, reliable assessments, Directions Unlimited can determine if a job applicant “fits” your organisation. Optimum performance is one of the pillars of the modern workplace. GR8PI enables you identify and develop high performers, while motivating others to reach their full potential. A productive workforce means providing a healthy, relaxed environment where people feel at home. GR8PI offers a clear look at your team’s dynamics and provides you with resources for continuous development and teamwork. Improve results Studies show that making the right hiring decisions can impact results by up to 10 times. GR8PI tools and methodology helps organisations find and retain the people that will take your business to the next level.

Roles we recruit

Executive Level Management

Sales Management

Administrative Sales Positions

Advisors & Account Managers

Sales Representatives

Social Corporate Responsibility

Community Migrant Resource Centre

Community Migrant Resource Centre

Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) is a Sydney-based not-for-profit community-based organisation established to promote a just, equal and inclusive society where individuals are valued, contributing and self-sufficient members of Australian Society. CMRC works with skilled migrants, refugees and disabled members of society.  Our director is currently on the board of directors for IWE 

Group Home And Respite Association

Group Home And Respite Association

GHARA is a not-for-profit organisation based in Bengaluru, India. GHARA, which means “home” in several Indian languages, aims to build a network of support for adults with an intellectual disability and their families/carers while respecting their religious and cultural beliefs. The association is committed to reaching out together as one family, to care, nurture and develop all aspects of its members lives in an inclusive community setting.

Indian Woman Empower

Indian Women Empower

IWE was established by the CMRC to address the complex relational and multifaceted natures of issues facing Indian women in their settlement.  IWE aims to empower women to live with dignity, equity and to engage in Australian society. IWE's mission is to build the capacity and foster the well-being of women using effective community based information and support. 

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