Helping businesses hire the best sales, IT and event talent the SMARTER way.
Helping businesses hire the best sales and IT talent the SMARTER way.
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Sales, IT and Event Recruitment Agency in Sydney

How do we match the best sales, IT, and event talent with the right company?

Smart Talent Group's approach to sales recruitment goes beyond simply matching skills and experience with job requirements. We dive deep to match candidate experience to your vacancy with a data-driven, unbiased, and value-based method. We take the time to deeply understand an organization's pain points and objectives, enabling us to identify sales, IT, and event talent who possess not only the necessary skills but also the cultural fit and motivation to thrive within the company.

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Smart Talent Group specialises in sales, IT and event recruitment. We work with various businesses to find them the best talent.

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Business Intelligence


Information Technology

Journalism & Conference Production

Distribution, Manufacturing and Logistics

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Smart Talent Group provides employment consultancy, customised recruitment solution, career development and coaching, and interview preparation.  

So if you are a business owner or a hiring manager looking to scale your team, or a candidate looking to succeed as a Sales Development Representative, Business Development Representative, Account Executive, Sponsorship Sales Manager, Marketing Director, Conference Producer, Event Manager, Software Developer/Engineer, Cyber Security Manager/Architect, we want to help you achieve the best outcome for your business or career.

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